Birthday, Finally!

My hubby’s birthday was a couple weeks ago but he was sick and so we postponed his birthday celebration.  We finally had a nice weekend and we were both feeling better so we made a day of it. . .

It was his celebration and the first place my hubby took me was to Hobby Lobby to shop for fabric (isn’t he a sweetie).  Then we went to Lowe’s and bought some things for the never ending household repairs (I already wrote about these).

The next stop was Barnes and Noble and he picked up a book on drawing.  Have I mentioned that he used to be a draftsman, so he has quite a bit of talent.  He is interested in freelance drawing, just for fun, and he wanted a book to help him.  Barnes and Noble had just what he was looking for!

Next stop was Michaels to pick up the drawing supplies.  I had no idea there were so many types of pencils, and did you know there are different kinds of  erasers-I did not.

The last stop was Logan’s for an early dinner.  Logan’s is our favorite restaurant but we don’t get to go very often now that we have doctor’s bills.  Larry had a steak and I had meatloaf.  Logan’s meatloaf is fantastic and they give you so much-we will be eating leftovers later this week.

A good time was had by both of us and Larry will enjoy using his drawing supplies.

So once again I say, Happy Birthday, my love!!!


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