Vacation Is Over

My son and his family left today and headed back to SC.  What a joy it was to have them with us.  I had mentioned previously that we might be able to visit and do some of the local fun things but it did not turn out quite as I expected.

My grandchildren (all 4 of them)…


are homeschooled and because they were with us for 2 weeks and they only get 1 week for spring break, they had to bring schoolwork with them. 

The first week they were here they had school in the day time and we watched tv or played games at night.  Of course, the kids had free time to ride bikes and play in the afternoons.

The second week mom and dad left for a mini-vacation of their own and we had the kids.  The 2 older children had a research paper to finish which took a couple of days, so we really did not have a lot of free time.

We did, however, over the 2 week period, manage to squeeze in a trip to a seafood restaurant for shrimp poboys, a dinner of boiled shrimp, a shopping excursion, a couple trips to the playground and many walks around the neighborhood.  

These walks are a favorite for all of us.  The 2 oldest ride bikes and the rest of us walk up and down the hilly road taking in all of the new things to see since the last walk.  The youngest, aptly nicknamed Princess, wore her high heels for these walks.  The shoes are way too big for her but she clunks along just fine in them.

I think I can safely say that even though we did not get to do all the things I had in mind, a fun time was had by all! 


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