The Leftovers

My son and daughter-in-law have been telling me for awhile that my grandkids are all about to go through a growth spurt and have been eating like crazy.  Well, they were not kidding.  The kids are gone and the pantry is pretty bare.

They left me 3 apples, but the rest of the fruit is gone.  They left me one box of Raisin Bran but the rest of the cereal is gone along with the Pop Tarts.  The bread is gone as well as the eggs and milk.  All the bottled water is gone as well.  I now know what they meant when they said the kids were eating like crazy.  We call them locusts-they come into the land and wipe out everything edible and disappear.

The food wasn’t the only thing that disappeared.  There is a computer in my office on which they like to play games so they spent some time in there.  While waiting her turn the littlest one, Lauren, found my Amigurumi animals and claimed them as her own.

She also found my bears.  These came out so cute and I was going to try to sell them but when she saw them, she fell in love.  One bear was instantly named Kali and the other Kellie and they now live in SC with Lauren, but I thought I would share the concept with you.

The bears were bought at a local store and I crocheted the outfits for them.  Each outfit consisted of panties, a slip, a dress, shoes and a headdress.  They really did come out cute so I couldn’t blame Lauren for falling in love with them.

I sure hope Kali and Kellie are happy with their new mom in SC and I hope Lauren takes good care of them.


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