Time For Camp and Vacation Bible School

The weather is starting to warm up and the kids are excited that spring break is near and this is a sure sign that summer is well on the way.  As summer time draws near,  everyone is starting to think about camp.

Summertime brings camp and Vacation Bible School and that is a busy time of year at Patti’s Originals as mom’s try to outfit their little angels in a way that is cool, comfortable and modest. 

Many churches require the girls to wear culottes or walking shorts that come to the knee.  These are not easy to find-and that is where Patti’s Originals comes in.

A top seller in the summer is always our culottes with a pleat in the center front and center back.  These culottes have an elastic waist and are made of cool cotton fabric.


These culottes are great for young and old alike and can be made in any color and many prints.


This year I have added walking shorts, also with an elastic waist.  These are made very similar to the culottes but the legs are not as full.  The shorts are also available in any color and many prints.


I am stocking up on fabric in assorted colors and prints so I will be prepared to help get those little sweeties ready for summer and camp.  Check out the listings in my store.

Most of the designs I blog about are custom creations-if you see something you like or I can help you with a custom creation please contact me here.


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