A Mother’s Helper

Grandmothers have certain rights and among these are bragging rights about our grandchildren.  Today I am going to exercise that right and brag about my oldest granddaughter, Lydia.


Lydia is 14 years old in the 8th grade.  Last year her Dad decided it was time for them to find a ministry where she could serve others.  They started looking around and found a perfect area of service for her, a mother’s helper.

They found a young mother in their church with 4 young children, ages 14 months to 7 years. . .  The mother homeschools the 2 oldest, is potty training number 3 and the baby is, well, almost 2!  This mother was feeling quite overwhelmed, understandably so.

Lydia spends 1 day a week taking care of the 2 younger children and doing any little jobs needed, so the mom can help the 2 older get caught up on their schoolwork.  This has been a tremendous help to this young family but, more than that, it has been a blessing to Lydia.

Lydia truly loves these children.  She plays with them, cares for them and is always bringing them things.  She is developing a mother’s heart and it is a joy to see.  Over the course of the few months she has been serving this family, her spirit has softened and her love of children has grown.  What a joy it has been to see her mature in this way.

Lydia is a real blessing to this overworked mother but I don’t think this lady realizes what a blessing her family has been to Lydia.  She is truly growing into a loving, caring, young lady who will one day make an excellent mother-and her grandmother is exceedingly proud of her!


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