Back In The Saddle

You might remember this song from Sleepless in Seattle when Tom Hanks decides to start dating again.  This is how I feel today.  I have not been at the sewing machine in over 2 weeks, with company and then I got sick, and today, at last, I am Back In The Saddle Again.

I spent yesterday planning and organizing.  There are a couple sale launches coming up in the next few weeks and I really want to participate, so it is time to get busy sewing again.

One sale will be a Vacation Bible School Sale. 


This will include all types of items for VBS-cool, comfy and fun.  Culottes are usually a big seller for VBS.  There are 29 designers signed up for this sale so we should see many creative designs.

The next sale is a birthday celebration. 


This group, BonAmi, has been together for 1 year and they have invited any other designer interested to participate in their celebration.  So far they have over 100 designers signed up to take part in the sale.  The designs can be anything to do with birthdays and will cover hairbows, shoes, socks, clothing and jewelry-all created with a birthday theme.

The next sale is still in the planning stages but it will be a spring/summer sale and will take place around the end of May-at least that is the thinking at this time.

All of these sales will take place on Ebay.  I no longer have an Ebay store (Etsy is my main selling site now) but I do occasionally list a few items there and I still belong to some groups on their site.

So as I get Back In The Saddle   I will be busy creating designs for these sales.  I will share some of my ideas in the next few days.


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