Shameless Self-Promotion

I was very honored to be chosen as the artist of the week on this blog.  Michelle, the writer of this blog and owner of Cozy Moments is such a sweet lady and I was very excited to be chosen for this honor.

Each week she selects a different artist from Etsy to be featured on her blog, and this week she picked me!  What a blessing!

Michelle makes her own beauty products from soap, to deodorants, to candles and lots of things in between.  Her store is simply gorgeous and the descriptions make you want to buy 1 of everything.

I have purchased some of her soaps and they are just as lovely as the photos. 

One of my granddaughters has eczema so I asked Michelle to recommend something that might help with the outbreaks.  The summer heat will really bring out the worse in this condition.  Michelle suggested a moisturizing olive oil soap that she sells for very dry skin.


Lauren has just started using it and she was almost completely cleared up when she went out in the heat which caused another outbreak.  So this soap definitely helped and would be great for an adult with dry skin.

The other 2 soaps I purchased were a lemon-lavender scent and an oatmeal-milk and honey bar.


I love the smell of lavender so I knew I had to buy this one and I chose the oatmeal for its exfoliating feature.  I cannot begin to describe how fantastic my mailbox smelled the day these soaps arrived.  The great thing about the scent is that everytime the soap gets wet the scent is refreshed.  Perfect for  a relaxing, pampering bath.

I was so excited to be featured by Michelle and to receive her soaps that I just had to share.  If you are in the market for some pampering be sure to stop by her store.


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