My son and I were both born and reared in Louisiana so it is no wonder that we are LSU (Louisisana State University) fans.  My oldest granddaughter really loves the LSU Tigers and has been asking me to make her a pair of LSU culottes.

These culottes became much more important when she discovered her softball team this year would be called the LSU tigers.  Lydia lives in SC so I am not sure how they managed this name but. . . she was excited and really wanted these culottes.  Unlike most 14 year old girls, Lydia very seldom asks for anything so her Granddad said I could get the material and make them for her.

Fabric featuring any college or professional sports team is very expensive, normally $8 a yard.  It takes 3-4 yards to make culottes for an adult and that is why I was hesitant to do this.  But Granddad said it was okay so we headed to the store last weekend.

What a blessing it was to check the mail before we went and find a coupon for 40% off any one fabric cut.  I bought the 4 yards of fabric at the great price of $4.80 a yard, still a lot for culottes, but much better than $8.  Both Granddad and I were pleased.

LSU’s colors are purple and gold.  She really wanted the gold fabric with LSU in purple but all they had was purple with the emblems in gold.  Lydia was still excited.

Culottes are not difficult to make but, since all 4 of the ladies and girls in our family wear them, I usually make a bunch at one time.  This time it was my daughter-in-law and I who needed new ones.

I cut out about 8 pairs altogether and worked on them for 2 days but now Lydia gets her LSU culottes and her mom and I are outfitted for another year or so.

Now to get them in the mail and hopefully she will receive them in time for her first game.

If you are interested in culottes featuring your favorite team, please contact me here about availability. 


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