Keeping Our Daughters Safe

Modesty has come to the forefront again as the Pastor’s wife, of the church we have been attending,  has sent the ladies in our congregation 2 blogs she came across addressing this issue.  We attend a family oriented church where all the families homeschool their children and they all have large families.  We are the only grandparents in the group and as such I was thankful to see this lady address the issue of modesty with the other young mothers in the congregation.

The article in the first blog, Your Sacred Calling, addresses the issue of protecting our daughters.  Many young girls are anxious to leave home and live on their own and this article is about the dangers this poses and the protection offered by remaining under parental authority.  In a time when the norm is for a girl to finish high school and leave home for a college dorm, this article offers excellent advice.

The second blog, The Sparrow’s Nest, refers to modesty.  This article is an interview with Mrs. Stacy McDonald, author of Raising Maidens of Virtue and co-author of the recent book Passionate Housewives: Desperate for God and it talks about raising daughters who have a discerning spirit about modesty.  She even lists sites where modest clothing can be purchased.

I highly recommend both of these articles for all parents of young girls-read them, bookmark them, and refer back to them often.  The information you glean will be of infinite benefit in raising your young daughters to becoming beautiful women, willing and anxious to serve the Lord.

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