Smiles and Flowers

Last year I found these 2 fabrics and fell in love with them. The bright colors, the flowers, and the pretty smiles go together to make a sweet look.

I made a blouse with an empire waist and ties in the back.  When I went to attach the sleeves I realized I had forgotten to cut them out and I did not have enough fabric.  Oh, no, what to do?

I did have a couple of long, narrow pieces left over, so I decided to make ruffles to use as sleeves.  I love the effect.

I added a ruffle around the bottom of the blouse using the vertical patterned fabric.

I wanted to make a twirl skirt using the vertical print for a ruffle around the bottom.  I used the bright smiley flowers for the body of the skirt and added a deep ruffle around the hem.

I also made an applique tee shirt using another coordinating fabric.  These large smiley flowers are really cute.

The finished product is sure to be a hit-bright and cheerful-just perfect for summer and to carry her back to school.

Three coordinating pieces to add to her wardrobe-smiles and flowers abound.


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