The Prairie Princess is Finished

Yesterday I wrote about a Little House Pioneer outfit I was creating for Jill and today I completed the outfit.  Today I had to make the pinafore and doll clothes and get the package ready to ship. . .

I had cut out the pinafore ahead of time.  This pinafore has a front and back facing-the back facing goes all the way down the back.  These facings must be interfaced to add body to the pinafore.  I use iron on interfacing because it stays in place.

Next I pin the front of the pinafore to the back at the shoulder.

Then do the same for the facings.

Pin the facing to the pinafore at the neckline and around the armholes. 

 When I make clothes I usually double stitch all seams and then serge them.  This makes the seams very sturdy which is very important, especially in children’s clothing.  When stitching around the neck and armhole I double stitch so I can trim very close to the stitching for a neater finish.

All that remains is putting the ruffle around the bottom, a few buttons and buttonholes and the pinafore is finished.

Now it was time for the doll clothes.  I cut out all the pieces.

Doll clothes are easy to make but the pieces are so tiny it is difficult to get the machine in place to sew the tight seams.

I finished the doll clothes and the only thing left was the surprise!  I try to include a ‘freebie’ with every purchase and I try to make it something that will go with their purchase.  The freebie for this Laura Ingalls outfit is a drawstring purse like ladies carried in pioneer days.

The outfit is now complete and after washing and ironing-and a few photos-it is packed and ready to go.

I hope this Little House fan in TX will be excited with her birthday gift. 

Most of the designs I blog about are custom creations-if you see something you like or I can help you with a custom creation please contact me here.


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