A Love Hate Relationship

A few years ago the business where my husband worked went bankrupt and he was unemployed for about a year.  During that year our car died and we had to buy a new one.  My brother works for Ford and he can get us a good deal so we headed to his dealership to see what was available.

We finally settled on a Ford Escape-a small suv.  It is big enough for hauling small loads yet still economical to operate.  This car has been a very good investment for us.  It has over 150,000 miles and has rarely given us problems.

This weekend we were running errands when the battery light came on.  We made it home and my hubby, Larry, checked the water level in the battery.  He added water and we took the car for a test drive.  Sure enough, after the car warmed up the light went off.  We were glad to have that problem solved.

The next day we headed for church and guess what happened?  The battery light came on again and it has not gone off yet. UGH!!!  I love my car-I hate car trouble.

Today I headed to my brother’s dealership so they could check it out and fix the problem.  This is an all day adventure since he works about 1 1/2 hours from my house, but we have lunch together so that makes the trip worth it.

This is where my adventure turned sour.  My hubby followed me to the gas station to make sure I had a full tank and no problems before I headed out.  I had gotten about 10 miles down Interstate 10 when I hit fog, so I turned on the lights.  Immediately the car started slowing down and I coasted onto the shoulder.  Everything was dead-no flashers-no lights-on the shoulder of the freeway in the fog!!!

I was petrified, and that is putting it mildly.  I tried to call my husband but he had set his phone to vibrate because he was heading to a meeting as soon as he reached work.  He did not feel the phone vibrate and he was going in the exact opposite direction.  I kept calling and leaving messages to no avail.  I tried to call my brother but it was too early and they were not open yet.  So I sat on the side of the freeway-in the fog, with no lights, with cars flying by and my little suv getting shaken to bits.

But the Lord is good and He protected me.  Larry finally got to work (45 minutes east of me) and saw my message.  He called to find out what was wrong-then he got in touch with the local dealership and the tow truck.  He was coming to rescue me, the tow truck was coming and the dealership was waiting.  Help was on the way.

The tow truck arrived and was loading the car when Larry got there.  We followed him to the dealership and left our car there to go get some breakfast and try to relax and stop shaking. 

My brother called and he had gotten the message that I was broken down and had called our local dealer to find out the problem with our car and to arrange for the parts to be delivered.  I really have a great brother-oh and by the way, he did not have a driver coming our way so he left work to drive the parts to our dealer himself.  Did I mention that I have a great brother?

We left our car in the capable hands of the local Ford dealer with the assurance that the parts were being delivered today and headed home.  My husband dropped me off, and I was never so glad to return to the safety of my home as I was today. 

What a harrowing experience!  Whenever I see someone broken down on the side of the road, I always feel so sorry for them, but after today I will really be able to empathize with them.

Well, the good news is our car is fixed and we did get a good price on the repairs.  The bad news is even with all the  discounts it still cost over $500 to get our car fixed.  Now if we can only get it to last another 150,000 miles.


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