Agoraphobia is the fear of going out in public places.  Mild forms of this condition can cause one to avoid certain situations they find stressful.  I am quickly developing this condition.

Yesterday I posted about being stuck on the side of the freeway for over 1 1/2 hours when my car broke down.  This morning we went to pay the bill, OUCH!, and pick up the car.  I showed my dear, sweet hubby, Larry, how shaky my hands were at the thought of driving again-getting stranded on the freeway was a very stressful experience, but I had to get over it so we could get the car home.

My husband was following me and we had not gone 100 feet when 2 lights started flashing on the dashboard.  The shaking started all over again!!!  I pulled into the next drive so my husband could see what was wrong.  The check engine light and the fuel light were both on-the car had a full tank of gas.

Quick call to my brother and he told us to bring the car right back so the dealer could run a computer check to find the problem. He said they may have just forgotten to reset something.  So we turned around and headed back.

I need to interject here that Larry has just started a new job (same company just a new position) and he is swamped this week, pushing to complete a project for a meeting with a customer on Monday.  He knew this would be a busy week even before the car broke down and he had to come rescue me, before he had to deal with the towing and the dealership and before he had to go in late today so we could pick up the car-and now he would be even later because of this new problem.  Can you say STRESS?

At the dealership they ran the computer check and found something wrong with the fuel system; they would need to put the car on the rack and check it out.  Larry had to get to work so we left the car with them and they were to call when they found the problem.

On our way home the dealer called to say it was our fuel pump that had gone out-totally unrelated to the previous problem.  Again I see the Lord’s intervention.  He protected me from another break down, He allowed this to happen just a few blocks from the dealership when Larry was still with me, and He provided a most excellent brother!

As I stated yesterday I have a great brother!  He works at a Ford dealership about 1 1/2 hours away from me.  His dealership is a very large one and their parts department services the entire Gulf Coast area.  This allows the smaller parts departments to carry a very minimal inventory knowing they can get most of what they need from the larger dealer-and have it delivered almost daily.

I told the guy at our local dealer I would need to talk to my brother and would get  back to him shortly.  I called my brother and he said not to drive the car but to let the local dealer handle the repair and he would have the parts delivered.  I really have a great brother!

Poor Larry had to rush off to work where he will have to stay late tonight and tomorrow to try to finish this project on time.   But I sit here, in my safe, little home-I am in no hurry to get the car repaired.  I am in no hurry to have to drive on the roads again.  I am in hurry to experience more breakdowns or lights flashing at me.  I think I will feed my agoraphobia for awhile and just stay home where it is safe!


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