Post-Concussion Syndrome

After yesterday’s dramatic post I thought I would write something about this little understood syndrome.  When we left the hospital, after the accident, no one told us about this and we were totally unprepared for the way it manifested itself.  You can read more about post-concussion syndrome here.

In our situation, Caleb experienced headaches but considering the size of the lump on his head that was not surprising.  Not a great picture, but he was in no mood for modeling.

Caleb’s headaches lasted for almost a year but the frequency decreased as time went on. . .

When my son called to tell me Caleb had run away our question was, “Why?”  We were all baffled and then my husband remembered a news story he had seen recently about soldiers returning from the war who had been near an explosion.  These soldiers appeared perfectly normal but would suddenly do something totally contrary to their personality, for no reason.

This is what happened to Caleb.  He is a normal 9 (at the time) year old boy who loves playing in the woods, riding his bike, and pretending he is an FBI agent.  Nothing had happened to trigger his running away.

Caleb was taken to the doctor who confirmed our suspicion of post-concussion syndrome.  My son and his wife were told to watch him very closely.  They have a security system but there is no sensor on Caleb’s window so Caleb was not allowed to sleep alone for awhile.  He was not allowed out to play unless his siblings were with him.  He could not wander off in the stores and he was not left home with the older children alone. 

This continued for several months until his parents felt the danger had passed.  Caleb is a very happy, go-lucky fellow and these restraints did not bother him.

It has been over a year now and he is back to normal.  He only has headaches now when it is time to do something in school that he doesn’t want to do!

I hope this post will be a warning to other parents/grandparents whose children might have experienced a mild concussion.  There is no way to determine if this will affect your child and your best defence is to be watchful.


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