My Gift to Me!

A few days ago I wrote about an outfit I was beginning for myself.  I finished the project yesterday and thought I would share some of the woes and helps that I came across in the process.

This is the idea I had in mind. A camp shirt with an elastic waist skirt.

This particular shirt has kimono sleeves, meaning they are attached to the shirt when you cut the pieces out.  The problem with these type sleeves is that to allow for enough movement so the blouse is comfortable the shirt is always cut big.  I had to take mine in two times before I was satisfied with the outcome.  This is what the sleeves look like-no seams attaching them to the shirt.


The shirt has a front facing but none in the back.  Instead the top collar section is left free when the collar is attached and will be turned under and handstitched to cover the collar seam.

These tops are very easy to make and after the few pieces were assembled I did a continuous top-stitching all the way around the outer edge.


One of the neatest tools I have is a buttonhole cutter. My hubby actually talked me into buying this because I did not think I needed it. I got mine from Nancy’s Notions.  The prices here are a bit steep but she carries a lot of things you can’t find elsewhere.

Here is the way the buttonhole cutter is used.

The skirt has an elastic waist and set in pockets. The pockets are turned towards the front and the top is enclosed in the waist casing. This keeps the pockets flat and facing forward.

Here is a picture of the finished product-well almost finished.

And a close up of the top.


You might remember that I wanted to add embroidery around the bottom of the shirt and skirt. I had planned to use my machine to do this, however, I do not have an embroidery machine and mine only does a few stitches. I was not pleased with the test piece I did.

 As you can see the embroidery does not show up enough, so I will have to add my embellishment by hand.  It will take a little longer but I think it will look a lot better.  I will be back with photos of the project when it is really finished!


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