Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day-a day we honor mothers, originated in the United States in 1907 when Ann Jarvis started a crusade to honor women.  The idea quickly became popular and spread across the country.

Mother’s Day is the most popular day to eat in a restaurant (this is why we never go out to eat on Mother’s Day-we go a week later).   Mother’s Day is also. . . one of the most lucrative holidays celebrated in our country.

As I think about Mother’s Day this year I am feeling nostalgic for my mom.  My mom was left a widow with 3 small children in 1960.  There weren’t many opportunities open to a single woman in those days but she worked hard as a waitress to keep our family together.  My mom went to be with the Lord in 1989 and I still miss her today.  She would have loved my grandkids!!  but I guess they get spoiled enough by the rest of us. 

Mother’s Day brings to mind the qualities of a godly mom-she is loving and kind.  She cares for her family.  She is patient and soft-spoken, to deal with the little hearts in her care.  She loves her Lord and shares this love with her family.  Mom is all about love.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and I hope you will let your mom know how much you love her and how much you appreciate all she has done for you.


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