Hurricane Season

May is the time of year that we begin preparations for hurricane season.  The season does not officially start until June 1, however, preparations start early.

There are certain things we begin doing in May so we will be ready in case the worse happens and a big storm comes our way.

First, we stock up on bottled water, batteries and foods that can be eaten without cooking (tuna fish, peanut butter, crackers, canned fruit).

Next, we fill the gas cans.  We have four, 5 gallon gas cans in the garage and we fill them for evacuation purposes.  This will cost us a fortune this year but it can’t be helped.  It is important to get this done ahead of time, before the rush is at the gas pump.

The next thing we do is restock our first aid supplies.  If we have to evacuate we will take these supplies with us.  When returning to our home we never know what we will find and if the house is seriously damaged we may not be able to find the first aid supplies-so they are evacuated with us.

The last thing we do to prepare is to organize the items we will take with us if we have to evacuate.  This includes anything you would hate to lose if the storm were to wipe away the house.  Obviously we can’t take everything we would like with us so we must decide.  This is part I hate.

How can I choose which photographs to take?  How much of my business should go with us?  What about my books?  How many of our personal papers need to go?  My husband is great at handling this part because I get very flustered.  So he makes the hard decisions and we put most of these items in one spot so they could be packed quickly. 

Planning our evacuation route is easy-we will head to SC and our grandbabies.  This is the only good thing about having to evacuate-we get to see our little ones.

Dr. Gray, who is the authority on forecasting hurricanes, has predicted 8 hurricanes with 4 of them being severe.  Hopefully, he will be wrong and we won’t have that many and, hopefully, they will not come our way.  But we will be ready-just in case.



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