A Skirt for Spring

I saw a skirt last week that I really liked.  It was a multi-tiered skirt but the tiers were not gathered.  Similar to this:


This is probably a border print and not tiers but it gives you the idea.  The main part of the skirt was a pretty floral (this photo shows the main part in black with white flowers).  It had 2 small layers near the bottom, like the stripes and dots above.  All of the fabrics coordinated and it was in soft colors for spring.

The skirt I saw was a six gored skirt and I am not sure if it had an elastic waist or a zipper.  I came across these instructions for making a six gored skirt so I decided to try it.

First, I created the pattern in my size and cut it out using tissue paper.

Then I prepared my fabric.  I chose these coordinating prints and will use the floral for the main part of the skirt and the other two for the tiers.

 I sewed the strips together first and then cut out the skirt.  I decided to create a lining for my skirt so I would not have to insert a waistband or facing and I would not have to wear a slip.  So I assembled the 6 gores, folded the skirt in half and laid it against the fold of the lining fabric (using the skirt as the pattern for the lining).

When a skirt does not have a waistband or casing it is important to use twill tape around the waist to keep the waist from stretching or tearing.   Twill tape is a woven ribbon used for reinforcement.


My skirt has a flat front, side zipper, and I added a casing to the back and inserted elastic.  This allows the waist to have a little ‘give’.

My skirt is finished except for the decorative trim.  I am not sure exactly what I will use but I am going shopping tomorrow to see what is available.

Once I finally decide and get it finished I will be back with more photos.


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