South Carolina or Bust

My hubby took yesterday off from work so we would have a nice long weekend (Monday is Memorial Day).  As with every nice long weekend we have, we are heading to South Carolina to see our grandkids-oh, and our son and daughter-in-law as well.

Our son had gotten laid off from MetLife about 2 months ago and he started a new job just last week. This will be our first visit with them since he started his new job and it will be exciting to hear all about his new duties.  I know he is so thankful that the Lord provided a job for him in the Greenville area so they did not have to move.

The kids are always excited to hear Grammy and GrandDaddy are coming to visit and they are planning our weekend.  I think we have reservations to play games, watch them on their bikes and take them shopping (this from the little princess).

So bright and early yesterday morning we left for SC and after a 12 hour drive (thanks to Atlanta traffic) we arrived safely.  We will be posting again Monday night and will share our weekend adventures.


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