Special Needs

A customer contacted me about creating outfits for their special needs child, Harry.  I had never done anything like this before so I was a little reluctant at first, but I decided to try.

They wanted a one-piece outfit made like a boy’s Jon-Jon suit, similar to this romper. . .

The difficulty is that Harry wears a man’s size.

So I started doing research.  I had no idea that parent’s of special needs children have almost no resources for purchasing adaptive clothing.  Adaptive in the sense that the clothing may have special features (such as snaps at the crotch), but they need adult sizes and fabrics that are sturdy enough for heavy wear.

Harry has a definite sense of style and has specific ideas of what he likes – he did not want any childish prints.  He wanted his romper made just like the one above, using the same fabric.

His parents also wanted to get him a suit like this.

I went shopping for fabric choices and took a lot of photos.  I sent Harry, and his parents, 8 fabrics that I thought would make a nice outfit for him.  He selected this fabric.

This is a fantastic choice.  The fabric looks much better than the photo (my phone takes pictures but they are not very good).  This is a really nice weight cotton in bright yellow with white and navy accents.  The quality is excellent and will wash up very nicely.

I have searched all over looking for patterns and have decided the easiest way to do this will be to put several patterns together.  I will use a man’s overall type pattern for the body length and a pajama pattern for the collar and button front.  The romper will be created using the same patterns but I will leave off the buttons and collar and add a little length to the shoulder for the buttons.

I hope to start on this project in the next couple of days and will be back with lots of photos to share.


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