Special Needs Part 2

Last night I started working on the special needs outfits for Harry.  I decided to start on the most difficult one first.   This shirt style romper in a man’s size.

My first step was to prepare the patterns.  I had bought 2 patterns to put together. . .to make this outfit; a man’s pajama pattern for the collar and front buttons and a jumpsuit pattern for the girth (from neck to crotch).  I cut out the pieces that would be needed and started laying them out together.

Then I taped some sheets of tissue paper together until it was large enough to cover the pattern pieces and I traced the pattern onto the tissue. 

This will give me a permanent pattern in case Harry’s parents come back for more of these outfits. 

I cut out 2 fronts and 2 backs so I could try the paper outfit on my mannequin. 

I set up the mannequin with Harry’s measurements and began assembling the pieces.

It looks like my first try is a success.  Harry’s parents want the outfit to be loose fitting and they want snaps at the crotch and it looks like there will be plenty enough room for both.

Success thus far, tomorrow I will cut out the fabric and begin the assembly.


One Response to Special Needs Part 2

  1. sarahdoyle says:

    This is awesome!!! Isn’t it just GREAT when two patterns work together to get a new design. Good for you!

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