A Rush Job

A customer needed a pioneer outfit for her daughter’s end of school program.  The challenge was that she needed it in 7 days.  That meant she had to buy it and pay for it immediately and I had to make it the following day-Friday.  Then I could get it in the mail Saturday and hopefully the post office would get it to her in time.

I get these rush requests pretty often so I thought I would describe a day creating a rush pioneer outfit.  I kept a log and took pictures every 30 minutes.  So here we go. . .

The night before I cut out all the pattern pieces so the next morning I was ready to start.

9AM-All the pieces are cut and ready to go.

9:30AM-The yoke is finished and the collar is attached.

10AM-Buttonholes have been put in the yoke and all gathering for the dress is finished. (I find it faster to set up the serger for gathering and run all the pieces that need gathering through at one time.)

10:30AM-Skirt is attached, ruffles are attached to the shoulder, sleeves are assembled.

11AM-Dress is finished except for buttons. (I save handwork for telephone interruptions.)

11:30AM-Bonnet flap is finished and the brim is assembled-they are ready to be put together.

12Noon-The bonnet is finished.

Break for lunch and laundry.

1:30PM-Pinafore front and back are put together and the facing is attached.

2PM-Pinafore trimmed and turned right side out, side seams are sewn, ruffle pieces are connected.

2:30PM-Ruffle is attached to the bottom of the pinafore.

3PM-Pinafore is finished.

3:30PM-Elastic inserted in legs of bloomers, eyelet attached and center seams are finished.

4PM-Bloomers are finished.

It took me a little while to finish up the handwork and buttons but by 4:30PM the outfit was finished and in the washer.  I had them ironed and ready to pack for shipping later that night-I had to stop working on this long enough to fix dinner.

Well, my customer did her part (she bought and paid for the outfit and got me measurements), I did my part (created the outfit in 1 day and got it to the post office on time) and now we are both counting on the United States Postal Service to do its part and get it delivered before the school program.


One Response to A Rush Job

  1. sarahdoyle says:

    You do GREAT WORK! And I’m tired from just following you through the day!

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