Old Friends Are The Best

We have been very fortunate in our lives to have developed several really good friends.  Our family has lived in 3 different states and we have met a lot of people.  Many are friends that we keep tabs on and check in with periodically but then there are those really special relationships.

While living in New Orleans we started attending a large church and met Wayne and Denise.  We have known them for over 25 years and our families have been separated by many miles, yet on the few occasions we manage to get together we pick up right where we left off.

Wayne and Denise had 3 young girls and we had 1 young boy.  The children got along pretty well and this made our times together special.  Denise and I spent many hours shopping, praying and doing church work together and this resulted in a very close friendship that the years and miles have not been able to break.

Our family moved to Houston, Tx in 1984 and joined a small church.  Our son, Paul, was the only teenage boy  in the church and this caused us a little concern.  We had come from a large church where  Paul participated in choir, youth activities and mission work-we were not sure the small church would be a good fit for him.

The Pastor of the small church, Brother Rick, quickly adopted Paul as his pet project.  He made sure Paul attended all the area youth activities and he spent many hours talking and counseling our son through his teen years.  We were very thankful for Brother Rick and his wife, Jodi.

We don’t get to visit them often but every chance we have to go back to Houston, we drop in on them.  They are still at the same church, but it is not a small little church any longer.  They have watched it grow into a thriving ministry.  We love Brother Rick and Jodi and they are truly dear friends.

A couple years later a new couple got transferred to Houston from California, Wally and Anna.  They had raised 3 boys and knew how to deal with Paul, so a friendship quickly developed. 

Wally is a gun collector and he and my hubby loved to go out shooting.  Wally likes the powerful guns but Larry likes the old ones.  These times were always special to both of them.

Anna and I loved to go to garage sales and we spent many, many hours searching for great deals.  We also did Bible studies and church work together.  Rarely did one of us go into town without the other-a friendship to be treasured.

We moved to Mississippi in 1990 and a few years later a young newlywed couple joined our church.  Cliff and Tammy quickly became very active in the church and when we lost our Pastor, Cliff helped Larry with preaching, teaching and caring for the building.

Tammy worked when they lived here so she and I did not get to spend a lot of time alone but we still managed to develop a friendship.  We have a lot in common as Tammy sews and loves crafting as much as I do.

Cliff and Tammy moved away about 3 years ago and recently came for a visit and we got to meet the newest member of their family, Grace.  This is their third child, C.J. and Hannah are the older siblings.  It makes my heart feel good to hear that C.J. and Hannah are always asking, “When are we going to see Miss Patti?”

We have been blessed with many friendships over the years, and these are only a few.  We love and treasure each one and look forward to seeing them in the future.


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