Special Needs Part 3

Today I worked on the shirt syle romper for Harry, the special needs child I have written about. 

The front of this romper is going to have buttons so I needed to make sure I had a flap that would go under the buttonholes for the buttons.  Therefore, I had to cut out the 2 fronts separately-one would have a facing attached and one would form the flap.

The buttonholes will go on the top lap and the buttons on the flap underneath.

The top also has a collar like a man’s shirt.

The bottom of the romper has snaps at the crotch.

The finished romper came out really cute.

Next I had to create the pattern for the romper style (similar to a boy’s Jon-Jon suit).

I used the basic pattern from the previous romper but I had to change the neckline and the shoulder.  This new romper will button on the shoulders so I had to extend the back shoulder sections so they would lay under the front which will have the buttonholes.

To make the facings I used the pattern I had created for the body of the suit and traced the outline of the armhole, shoulder and neckline.  Then I added a curve on the bottom so it would lay flat when finished.

Then I was ready to cut out and assemble.

Assembling the outfit was easy once I had all the pieces cut out.  Next I had a friend try it on so I could be sure the back shoulder sections were long enough.  I thought they should be a little longer so I cut off the ends and added an extension. 

All that remained were the buttons, buttonholes and snaps and the romper was finished.

Now off to the post office to get it mailed to the UK.  Harry, I hope you like your outfits!!


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