We Got A New Door

During hurricane Katrina (2 1/2 years ago) a tree fell on our house.  It must have settled on the branches and gently fell the rest of the way because it did not do any serious damage.

However, our back door is French doors and the tree warped this door.  After the storm the door would stick and was difficult to close.  Ken is a contractor we have used for house repairs and also for repairs at our church.  He is totally reliable, so when we had to replace our back door, we called Ken.

The problem is that there was so much damage done during the storm that every local contractor was busier than they ever dreamed.  Ken was so busy trying to help people get back into their homes and fixing his own home that we had to wait and wait. 

If you have been down here to see the destruction you will believe when I tell you it took over 2 years before Ken could get to us.  My husband would not consider hiring any other contractor because the stories of people being deceived by unscrupulous contractors was on our news every night.  So we waited until Ken could get to us.

But finally it was our turn and we got a new back door.  It isn’t fancy.  It isn’t even painted yet but here is a picture of our new door that does not stick and does not leak. 

Thanks so much, Ken, you were worth waiting for.



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