Baseball and Kids

Three of our grandchildren are playing baseball this year and they love it.  My son and his wife help with coaching, keeping score, lining up the batters, and making sure everyone drinks lots of water.

We don’t get to see many of the games since. . .

we live so far away but we usually try to go one weekend a year when we can see everyone play.  It is a full, hot day but lots of fun and the kids love for us to see them play and we love watching them.

The older kids are good and we like to watch them because they are developing into pretty good baseball players. 

The youngest is 10 years old and he is so much fun.  Since we don’t get to seem him play very often he calls us whenever he has a game to let us know how good he did.  He told us a few weeks ago to tell us, “GrandDaddy, I almost caught that fly ball!!”  We did not have the heart to tell him ‘almost caught’ is a miss.  He was so proud!

Last week, he called to tell us he slid into second and was safe-this is the first time he has had to slide.  Then someone hit him home and he scored a run-also the first time this year.  Another great day on the baseball diamond.

It is now playoff time and they are all participating in the games.  We just heard that our oldest granddaughter’s team is in the championship game, so they will be either first or second place.

We really like watching the little ones play but our youngest has decided that she can’t be bothered with baseball this year, so we don’t get to hear about her triumphs.

We don’t care much for the major league games but when our grandchildren are playing we are baseball fans all the way!


One Response to Baseball and Kids

  1. sarahdoyle says:

    When we were stationed in Taiwan for 4 years (Air Force), our older 3 sons were 7-10 years old. My husband was a coach and I was the official scorekeeper for the base little league. Watching the kids learn how to actually play the game, as well as learning to become “team” members was fantastic. Children’s sports are something that I believe every child should participate in. Sounds great on your grandchildren!

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