As I have mentioned before we live in the deep south and along with the heat and humidity comes every type of insect imaginable.  We have ants in our yard and are constantly treating the piles.  Soon the treated pile dies and the ants move and build another one.  Ants in our yard are a problem but Friday we woke up to find ants in the kitchen-YUCK!!!

I started cleaning the counter where the ants were located, then I had to pull out the stove to make sure. . .they were not coming in from back there.  All clear, but I went ahead and cleaned under the stove while it was pulled out.

Then I started in the cabinets and found a few in the spice cabinet.  So I cleaned it up, put everything away and went about my morning activities.  Larry left for work, I did my Bible study, started a load of clothes and came in the kitchen to get some coffee-more ants!!!

This time I tracked them down to their food source, a sealed up bag of tortilla chips.  I never leave open packages of anything in my kitchen; everything is either in a plastic container, ziplock bag or has a chip clip on it.  These tiny creatures managed to get inside the chips that were sealed with a chip clip.  Wow!  No wonder the Bible tells us to pay attention to the diligence of the ant.

I had to pull everything out of my pantry, wipe down every shelf and all the containers just to make sure I had gotten all of the ants. 

I left everything out so I could get rid of any stragglers.  By the end of the day I realized I had NOT gotten all the ants, everytime I went back in the kitchen there were a few more.  I had not been able to use the kitchen all day because of the mess.

It was now time to fix dinner and I needed room to work.

I moved all of the pantry contents into the dining room, cleaned everything and disinfected it-AGAIN!! and fixed dinner.  As I was preparing dinner I kept a close eye for the critters and everytime I saw one I would remove it, wash hands and go back to cooking. 

I know the best thing for getting rid of ants is boric acid and I had none in the house.  Saturday we woke up to more ants and completely forgot to pick up any boric acid.

Sunday I woke up to ants in the kitchen again-not many, but enough to drive me nuts!  Before we left for church we sprayed the house with bug killer (not the food areas) and we picked up boric acid on our way home.  I sprinkled it all over the pantry and counters and just left it.

Today I was out all day running errands so I just left the boric acid to do its job, so far so good.

What a mess of a job that I will have to clean up tomorrow.  The good news is my pantry will be  reorganized and nice and clean.

As I sit here writing this I can still feel the little critters crawling on me and it makes me itch!!


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