Courtship Vs. Dating

Most of us grew up in the dating environment.  Our teenage years were spent dating one person after another, resulting in a lot of broken hearts. 


Another trial with dating is the moral temptation for the teens.  This was not what we wanted for our son and it is not what he wants for his children.

The alternative to dating. . .is courtship.  The idea behind courtship is to protect the young one’s heart and emotions until God brings the right person into their lives.  This is the plan for our grandchildren.

When our oldest granddaughter, Lydia, became a teen, her Dad, Paul, gave her a purity ring, this is a heart shaped ring with a key hole-Paul has the key. 

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Lydia’s ring symbolizes that her Dad, holds the key to her heart.  When the man, for Lydia, comes along, he will turn the key to Lydia’s heart over to this man.  This takes place during the wedding ceremony.

It is our belief that God does not need our help in crossing the paths of two young people He wants to bring together.  It has been our prayer for all of our grandchildren that God would have their future spouse to be raised in a Christian home, with godly standards and that He would guard their hearts until His perfect timing.  We trust God to handle the details.

Many people, believe young people should begin “looking” for their mate as soon as they reach their teen years.  Perhaps it is not God’s intention for these teens to get married so young. Very often they need to mature a bit before they are ready to handle marriage and a family.  Again, we trust God to handle the details.

In the meantime, Lydia’s ring is a symbol to her of her Dad’s love and care for her.  It is a reminder to her to keep her heart guarded and to avoid the temptation of becoming romantically involved with any young man too soon.


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