An American Girl

Have you seen the American Girl dolls?  They are the outrageously expensive dolls that young girls are crazy about.  Maybe I am way out of touch with the times but $100 for a doll seems way out of line.

American Girl Dolls are not new.  The dolls were first introduced. . .in 1986 by an educator looking for dolls that were not babies and not teens.  The company is now owned by Mattel, Inc.

The American Girl Company has done a good job of bringing history to life for young girls.  They offer dolls from every era of our country’s history.

So with this idea in mind I spend yesterday creating my first costume in the American Girl style.  This costume is from a depiction of Felicity.  Felicity was the first doll introduced by the company and she depicts a young girl living in the late 1700’s. 

My rendition of Felicity features a 4 piece outfit consisting of a bonnet, dress, shawl and apron.

The bonnet takes on a little bit of a pilgrim look with the fold back brim and tiny corners flaring out.  The dress zips up the back, has princess sleeves and a very full skirt.  The shawl is completely lined and the white apron is typical of the time.

Sure hope Felicity is as big a hit as a costume as she is as a doll.


2 Responses to An American Girl

  1. sarahdoyle says:

    Your costume is beautiful!!! You do awesome work!!! I hope you get so many orders that you’re “snowed under” for awhile!!

  2. pattisoriginals says:

    Thanks Sarah, I hope so too!!

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