How does my garden grow?

As summer gets hotter our poor little garden is sure feeling the heat.  We have not been very successful this year-still!!  We are still getting cucumbers, a tiny squash is trying hard to make it, our green pepper bush is finally starting to produce and we have tomatoes, tomatoes, and tomatoes on the bush.

Our grandkids will be here this weekend and we are sure hoping they get to harvest some of these goodies.

Our weather fluctuates so much-a few weeks ago it was so dry and hot that I had to water a few times a day (remember we are doing container gardening and have to water more often than in-ground gardens) and for the last couple of weeeks it has rained so much that everything is water logged. 

First we pray for rain and when the Lord answers we beg for the rain to stop.  I can just hear Him saying, “Make up your mind!!!”

Our last few tomatoes have been cracked and we have been told this is from too much water.

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Here is a peek at our teeny, tiny bell pepper that is trying so hard to make it.

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Our late summer plants are doing well, so far.  We have moved everything except lettuce out to the bright sun.  Of course, this also means when the rain beats down the plants get hit hard but nature will take over and the strong will survive.

We have thinned the zucchini to 1 plant in the container and it is starting to produce real leaves.

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The cucumber also has been thinned and the real leaves are just starting to come out.

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The carrots have also started producing real leaves.

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The radishes are getting so leggy and I am not sure why but they are filling out a little.

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I sure hope we have better luck with these since they were started from seeds than with the plants we bought. 

A few days ago I mentioned the 2 liter bottle, self-watering planters that we are trying.  Here is the link to the instructions.  So far these are proving to be very handy.  The plants are sending roots down through the holes in the plastic right into the water.  Look closely and you can see the root in the water.

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The reservoir only has to be filled about once every week to 10 days which is much better than watering daily. 

So far we only have lettuce, spinach and one radish plant in these containers but we are thinking about making some more of these planters and planting 1-2 carrots in each.  Theoretically it should work, but time will tell.

Now the biggest success in our garden is a barrell full of marigolds. They are just starting to bud, so no flowers yet but the greenery is sure looking good so far.

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So the answer to my question is, my garden grows okay but not as good as I would like.


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