The Babies are Coming, the Babies are Coming

Yes, we still call them babies, even though the oldest is 14.  Our grandchildren are coming this week and will be here for 4 days.  We are so excited!!!

They left home last week and headed to some relatives in north Mississippi for a few days.  They will arrive here today!!

It will be a busy few days because we have so much to do while they are visiting.  Our grandchildren are homeschooled and they use the Abeka curriculum.  Abeka is produced by Pensacola Christian College which is just a couple hours from our home.  Every summer their family comes to visit so we can travel to Pensacola to purchase their books for the upcoming school year.

The kids arrived Saturday in the late afternoon.  Sunday was spent in church all day and Monday we will head to Pensacola.  We are planning to meet my sister and her children for lunch since we don’t get many opportunities to get together.  Then Tuesday we stay home and relax so they will be ready to hit the road Wednesday to go back home in South Carolina.

It will be a short, sweet trip but we love having them anytime and for as long or short as possible.


One Response to The Babies are Coming, the Babies are Coming

  1. sarahdoyle says:

    SUPER! I know exactly how you feel! Our son and his family are coming in from Korea this next Saturday – 12th –and will be staying through the 29th. We only get to see them once a year, which is NOT often enough! They have a 7 year old daughter and 4 year old son, and we just can’t wait to see them!!

    Have a great time with them!

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