Saving $$$ by Signing-Up

I have started scouting the internet for good deals.  They are hard to come by and most of them set you up to inundated with junk emails.  I sure did not want that to happen so I decided to stick with some of my favorites and register with them.

My absolute favorite is Hobby Lobby.  When you sign up to receive their weekly specials, they also send you the weekly coupon.  This year they have been running a 40% off coupon every other week, and you can use one a day.  This is a great way to purchase broadcloth and interfacing-things I use tons of-very cheaply.  It is also a good way to pick up some of that higher priced fabric at a bargain price.

Another of my favorites is Amazon.  They don’t send many specials for their store but everytime I place an order with them I get coupons for one of their affiliates.  Another good thing is you almost can’t beat Amazon’s prices, especially on books.

Have you heard of VistaPrint?  This is a great place to get all your printing done.  They offer so many free or almost free items, and the quality is absolutely fantastic.  I have purchased 2 sets of business cards, postcards and brochures from them and have always been pleased.

Another area I have found helpful is shopping grocery store ads online.  Did you know you could Google your favorite local groceries and most of them have online ads?  You can scour the ads and click on items you want to add to your list, then print the list before you go to the store.  When doing this, don’t forget the pharmacies like; Walgreens, RiteAid, and CVS.  They are all online as well.

I have also signed up to receive notifications from Michael’s, Hancock Fabric and JoAnn’s of their sale’s promotions.  I am constantly referring to them before heading to the store.

You probably have many places of business that you frequent, either online or in person.  Ask if they have a mailing list or newsletter and sign-up!!

Please feel free to share any great bargin YOU have found.


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