Back to Normal

Our grandchildren and daughter-in-law, Shannon, have returned home and things are back to normal around here-whatever normal is!!!

We had such an amazingly busy, fun time, as we always do.  Our family is used to burning the candle at both ends when we are together-we start early and go until late and everyone is always exhausted when it is over.  We have such a short time together we try to take advantage of every minute.

My son was not able to make the trip with them this time since he just started a new job so Shannon brought a friend with her to help with the driving.  This friend is a 19 year old girl who is definitely not used to burning her candle like we do.  Poor Elly would be so tired at night that she would go to bed before we said prayers!  I guess we just wore her out.

Usually the 2 youngest grandchildren (8 and 10 years old) will be so tired that they take a nap on the way home and this helps them recover from all the adventures at GrandDaddy and Grammy’s house.  Since they have about a 9-10 hour trip home this works out great.

A couple years ago my son invested in 2 dvd players for the van.  These are portable and they put one in the center seat and one in the back.  Each player comes with 2 screens and a selection of video games, so there is a screen for each of the 4 children.  These are really neat and have been a real blessing on these long trips. 

They arrived safely home after a little traffic going through Atlanta (is there ever a time to go through Atlanta without traffic?) and a couple of heavy rain showers.  We are already planning our next time together-we will be going their way in September and we can’t wait!!  By the time they arrive home we are already missing them!!


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