A Very Small Pioneer Girl

I have had several customers ask if I could create a  Little House on the Prairie Outfit for a child wearing a size 3-4.  My pattern does not go that small and I usually put several patterns together to create the outfit.  This year I am going to be smarter-I hope!!!-and create a pattern in this small size.  Since I just got a request for a size 4 dress, I figured this was the right time.

I had to put together several different patterns to make this dress.  I began with a dress pattern in size 3-4 that has a yoke at the top and a full gathered skirt.  The dress needed to be 7 inches longer than the pattern-so I got out the tape measure and straight edge.  Measure twice-cut once!!

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The sleeves are from a different pattern; they just needed to be long and puffy at the top.   This takes care of the dress.

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To create the pinafore pattern I used an A-line dress pattern and added a little to the width of the back for the buttons.  I will add a ruffle to the bottom so it is just like the original pinafore design.

My customer wanted this fabric but I was not sure I had enough.

So she selected this as her second choice.

I arranged and rearranged the pattern pieces on the burgundy trying to fit them all and I kept coming up a little short. Then I remembered-Check my remnants!!

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I found some remnants, enough to complete the dress. Yeah, my customer will be so happy.  I am hoping to complete this outfit tomorrow and I will post photos of the finished product.


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