A Faithful Buddy Has Gone

A couple years ago my sweet hubby bought me my very first serger.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to like using a serger or not so I did a lot of research and found one that was recommended and relatively cheap, the Brother 1034D. 

When the package arrived containing my serger, I felt a little intimidated.  All those threads and needles and knobs!!!  But this serger was surprisingly easy to learn to use.  Brother includes a DVD with a lot of helpful information so becoming familiar with this serger was a breeze.

I use my serger almost everyday religiously.  This machine has been a real workhorse so when the upper looper bent last week and it came to a screeching halt I was really stuck. My faithful friend had called it quits!  I had 2 orders pending and no serger-so I had to do some quick research.

Since my entire serger experience was with Brother I was leaning heavily in that direction, but I wanted to upgrade a little.  I do use my serger a lot so I felt I needed something a little heavier duty.  I was considering the Brother 3034 which seemed like a dream machine to me and it got very good reviews.

Another machine I considered was a Juki 644D which came highly recommended and it also got very good reviews.  My sewing machine is a Bernina and Juki and Bernina are made by the same company so that was another plus for this machine.

A third machine that kept coming up in my research was the Janome 634D.  I read that this machine has all metal parts and because of that was a real workhorse.

Oh, what a dilema! How could I decide?  Then I read about an online store whose owner was very helpful.  The reviews also said that the prices at this store were very good.  So I visited Ken’s Sewing Center and found they offered all 3 of the machines I was considering.  I called their toll free number and immediately had my questions answered.  I told Ken how I used my serger and he recommended I go with the Janome 634D.

My new serger has arrived and I was so glad to get it.  Since I have these 2 orders to get out quickly I have not had time to play with it and figure out how to do the fancy things but it sure does sew smoothly.  I am so thankful to have a serger again and am very glad I went with the Janome.


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