Where Am I?

As I approach the building the parking lot is well shaded by beautiful live oak trees.  I enter the modern brick building and the waiting area is decorated with comfortable chairs and a peaceful indoor fountain.

They come to take me back and all the walls are painted a soft green, the furniture is reminiscent of antiques.  I go to my room where the door is closed, the lights are dimmed and candles are burning.  The room has a table with lotions, body oils, soft towels and a therapeutic bath.

In my private room I lay on a warm, gently vibrating massaging table and am given a remote to control a personal flat screen tv.

The door opens and a soft spoken lady enters and begins gently massaging my arms and hands.  She continues this for 15 minutes as the soft music plays and the candles burn in the background.

Can you guess where I am? . . .Where else but the dentist office!!

I have the best dentist!!  She does everything she possibly can to help her patients relax.  I look forward to going to the dentist to see what new relaxation treatments she has initiated.  Wonder what will be in store for next time?


One Response to Where Am I?

  1. […] how wonderful my dentist is since I wrote about it last year.  New readers can see the article here.  There was a little problem and she referred me to a local […]

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