Rain, Rain, Rain and More Rain

We have not had much rain so far this summer so when the weather predicted rain last week everyone was excited.  However, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing-too many fudge brownies and you get a tummy ache, too many good books and the housework never gets done, too many sewing projects and you get totally frazzled, and too much rain reaks havoc on a garden. . .

The rain started last week and then we had a couple of dry days but it has been raining for 3 days now.  During a break in the raindrops today I went out to check on things and it was not a pretty sight.

Our carrots were swimming-I had to pull them up prematurely and I doubt we will be able to use them at all.  We had a second crop of carrots that were about 3 weeks old and they were planted in the self-watering planters (described in here).  Self-watering means the water sits under the plant and when it rains from the top the whole container gets full. 

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These carrots were lost also.

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Note to self-keep the newest carrot baby plants, which are also in self-watering containers, on the porch so they won’t get flooded!!  These containers really work great as long as they are kept out of the rain.  I only have to add water, from the bottom not the top, every 3-4 weeks.

The wind whipped up yesterday when we were under a tornado warning and bent and turned all the zucchini, squash and pumpkins.  They may survive since they were well established but I did secure the bigger ones with tomato cages just to be safe.

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We were keeping our compost in a big bucket and had another bucket on top of it, supposedly to keep it dry.  It rained so hard that I now have a bucket full of stinky mud!  YUK!!!  I think this will just be dumped and we will start over.

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I did take advantage of the soft ground from all the rain and planted some lavender seeds in the ground.  I have been told lavender is hard to grow from seed so I am not expecting much, but at least the ground was soft and it only took a few minutes to plant them.

We are expecting more rain this weekend so I certainly hope we see a little sunshine before then, my garden hopes so too!


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