I Love a Sale

My hubby works for a construction company doing project control so he does not need to wear dress pants; khakis are fine.  He is so glad his days of wearing ties and dress shirts are over because now his dress code is business casual-and when he is visiting a job site it is casual (jeans and work shirts).

Yesterday I was driving down the road and decided to stop in a small Walmart in our area.  This store has not been turned into a Supercenter yet so their stock is pretty limited but they do still carry fabric.  So I thought I would drop in and check to see what is new.

The fabric department is diagonally across the store from the front door and I usually walk in the door and turn left heading in that direction.  Yesterday I decided to go the other direction and the first thing I saw was men’s khaki pants, the very ones my sweetie wears, on sale for the unbelievable price of $3 a pair.
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I was so excited, I found 3 pairs in his size and called my daughter-in-law.  She told me the size my son wears and I found 4 pairs for him.  My oldest grandson is just growing out of teen sizes and moving into men’s and I found 4 pairs for him.  What a blessing!

As I continued heading to the fabric department I found ladies’ Sag Harbor tees for $2 each.  They only had 2 in a size I could use but I grabbed them both.

I finally made it to the fabric department and found NOTHING!! but I cannot complain, my total bill was $40 and all the guys in my life have a whole new slew of pants!


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