We Dodged Another Bullet

All eyes were on the TV waiting for the latest news.  The weather reporters took over the newscast.  Everywhere we went we were reminded to stock up on supplies, batteries, candles, food and water.  Sandbags were available. 

All of this activity brought back memories from 3 years ago and the memories were not good.  3 years ago this week all eyes were on the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico as Huricane Katrina tried to decide which way to go.  This weekend was a vivid reminder of. . .that time as Tropical Storm (Hurricane) Fay made a U-turn in the Atlantic and headed for the warm Gulf waters.

Our hearts and prayers went out to the residents of Florida as we saw their homes torn apart by the tornadoes spawned from this storm and flooded from the torrential downpour.  And now Fay was heading our way.

Saturday morning we picked up everything in the yard that could blow away-furniture, lawn decorations, watering cans, etc.  As the day progressed and the storm seemed imminent we decided to bring most of our plants into the garage so the wind and rain would not destroy them.  Then we waited.

Saturday came and went, and the weather was a non-event.  Sunday we woke to the rain but it was a soft gentle rain, the kind our garden loves.  It rained a good bit overnight Sunday and today it has rained most of the day, but again, the rain is the soft gentle kind and the winds have died way down.

So even though Fay dropped by for a visit as shown in this map, she was not an unwelcome house guest.  The rain was appreciated by our lawn and the few plants we left out.  We did not lose electricity-YAY!!!! and even the cable tv stayed connected.
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As hurricanes and tropical storms go Fay was not bad at all.  Thank you, Lord, for allowing us to dodge another bullet.  I guess this evening we will have to put all the plants back out in the yard.  This was a good dress rehearsal for the next storm that comes our way.


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