Shopping With Patti’s Originals

I get a lot of questions about placing orders with me, so I thought I would explain shopping for custom creations with Patti’s Originals.

When a customer contacts me about an item they would like created I. . .respond with a thank you for their interest.  I also explain the details of the item they are inquiring about and give them an idea of what the price will be.   If additional pictures will be useful, I send them a link to my photos on Flickr

Once the customer has made the final decision to order the item, I send them an invoice.  Prepayment is required for all custom orders.  Once the payment is received I place the order on my schedule and as soon as possible get it completed. 

I stay in constant contact with my customer, letting them know I have received their payment  I also send them an email when I begin their project and sometimes write blog entries so they can see their creation come to life. 

When the item is complete I package it up for shipping and send the customer a notice with a tracking number.  Then I wait to hear how much they love their creation!!

I never get tired of hearing that the little angels, for whom I have created an outfit, look adorable in it and I really love receiving photos of them modeling!

Online shopping can be disconcerting, so I try very hard to make my customer feel secure in their decision to buy from Patti’s Originals. I look forward to you becoming a customer.


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