Birds, Beware!!!

We live in the woods, so you would think we would be used to hearing the birds chirp.

A few nights ago I was awakened around 2AM by the chirping of birds.  I thought birds slept at night and started chirping early in the morning but 2AM is early even for the birds.  I finally fell back asleep and did not really think about it again.

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The next night we settled down for the evening and the birds started chirping.  They were so loud that it sounded like morning.  I looked out the window to see if I could see anything but it was pitch black out there and still the birds were chirping like crazy.

We finally moved to another bedroom.  There was no way we would ever have fallen asleep with all that noise.  Ahhh, peace and quiet at last and we fell asleep.

We went outside the next morning looking for a bird’s nest in the tree outside the bedroom window.  Since the birds are chirping at such strange times we figured it must be a nest with babies in it.  We saw nothing except a bush that really needs trimming.

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I started thinking about the movie “Steel Magnolias” where the Dad is trying to get rid of the birds before the outside wedding takes place.  However, fireworks are not allowed in our community and neither is the discharging of firearms, so I was not sure how we would get rid of these pesky birds.  I knew that  afternoon we would definitely be outside trimming bushes and trees in the hopes that we could get them to move.

Here is a picture of the bush after its trimming. It doesn’t look very different in the photo but we did remove all the branches that were against the house.

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I don’t know what we did but the birds were gone last night.  Maybe shaking the tree when we cut the branches scared them off.  Whatever did it, we slept well last night.


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