The Wilds

Every year in September we meet our son and daughter-in-law at the Wild’s. . .a Christian Camp for a weekend couple’s retreat.  It is a weekend full of Bible Studies, activities, and food.  We love the time away from the cares of the world and we really enjoy the time we all get to spend together.

The Wilds is a fantastic campground.  They have 1,000 acres some of which is left as woods while other parts have been developed for cabins, campsites, and games areas.

The staff at the Wilds is a multi-talented group of teachers, singers, muscians and counselors.  They offer camps for children, adults, singles, families, and couples. 

Some of the many activities available are hiking, swimming, water trolley, land trolley, basketball, crafts, rifle range, tubing, big ball volleyball, water slides, table tennis, frisbee golf, lake activities, climbing wall, Human Foosball and the Giant Swing. 

The last few years we have spent a lot of time in the coffee shop, Cool Beans.  They have coffees, ice cream, snacks and table games.  Cool Beans is one of the most popular places on the campground.

So this weekend we are off to the Wilds for this year’s adventure and we will be sure to return with lots of photos.


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