We love the mountains

This past weekend we made our annual trip to the Wilds Christian Camp in North Carolina.  Each September we meet our son, Paul, and daughter-in-law, Shannon, at the camp for a weekend of biblical messages and fun.

The weekend was a couples’ retreat and the featured speakers were Dr. and Mrs. Jim Berg.  Dr. Berg is the Dean of Students at Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC.  They are the speakers each year the third weekend in September and we just love hearing them.  We plan our trip to coincide with the weekend they will be speaking. . .

Each day features biblical messages designed to strengthen our homes and families.  In between the messages there is lots of time for discovering all the exciting and fun things to do at the campsite.

This year we discovered a trail through the woods that we had not explored previously.  So we headed down the stairs…

and traipsed through the woods.

Shannon and I in the woods.  Me walking under the canopy of trees.

Shannon and I under the trees.

This is the heavy undergrowth.

Heading back to the campsite.

The morning started off so nice and cool and then the day turned out very warm so we headed to the snack shop to cool off.

After our snack we decided to try out the new putt-putt course.

Since putt-putt is the newest activity at the Wilds it was very popular.

I still have lots more to share about our trip and will do so over the next few days.


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