We love the mountains (part 2)

Here are some more photos from our weekend in the mountains.   The Wilds is located in the Appalachain mountains in North Carolina and the scenery is beautiful.  They have so many activities it is hard to decide which ones to do.

One of the most popular activities is the giant swing.  Now, as I share these pictures let me be sure to state that neither I nor my husband have been brave enough to try this but both Paul, our son, and Shannon,  our daughter-in-law, have done it-ONCE!! They won’t go on it again.

This is a fullview of the swing-yes, it is as tall as it looks.

Riders are strapped into a harness and climb this set of stairs where the harness is hooked to the the cables.

The stairs are moved out of the way and the riders are just hanging in the air, waiting.

The riders are then pulled backwards all the way to the top.  As soon as they reach the top the back cable is released and they begin swinging.

The view from the front.

And they continue freefalling until the swinging stops, ugh!!  I get dizzy just watching!

When our family goes to an amusement park, I hold the cups and sunglasses while everyone else rides, so there is no way I will ever even think of doing this!!

This is one of my husband and mine favorite places.  This is the gameroom.  They have foosball, air hockey, table tennis and several other games that are so much fun.

This is our, and everyone else at the campground’s, gathering spot.  It is the Wilds very own coffeehouse, Cool Beans.

Paul and Shannon having fun on the walkway to the coffeehouse.

This fellow greets you as you enter the door.

Cool Beans has lots of warmth and charm which is enhanced by the decor.

After we went on the hike, played putt-putt and visited Cool Beans, everyone else went to take a nap.  I am not a daytime napper, so I went for a walk and will share the pictures with you tomorrow.


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