Enjoying the Cool Days

Last week we had our first touch of cool Fall weather so I opened the windows to air the house out.  I worked in my studio all day and when I went to the kitchen to fix dinner I found a royal mess. . .

The little black bugs at the top of the screen are called love bugs.  I wrote about them last year and what a mess they are.  The ony reason I can imagine they are called love bugs is because they do not bite, they are just a nuisance.

These pesky little critters had somehow managed to get under and around the window screen.  The window and sill  were covered with them, but I didn’t think to take the photo until I had started the cleanup.

What a mess to have to deal with before I could begin dinner.  Thankfully love bugs die very easily so after 30 minutes of cleaning and re-cleaning the window and sill and the sink and then sanitizing the whole kitchen, I was ready to fix dinner.

Needless to say I wasn’t very hungry that night!! 

I am very thankful that love bugs only appear two times a year and don’t hang around very long.  So a few more weeks and they will be gone, but until then-my windows are staying closed.


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