A Birthday Worth Waiting For

Michelle contacted me about a birthday gift for her youngest daughter.  She had seen the 5 piece pioneer outfit I had listed and wanted one like it.

I received a couple of emails from Michelle and as we were working out the details she developed computer troubles. . .It took a few weeks before we connected again and by that time her daughter’s birthday was over and her present would be late.  So I got to work as quickly as I could.

The fabric she selected was a pretty blue floral.  I finished the dress and put a few growth tucks in the bottom.

This outfit also includes bloomers with growth tucks.

I really like the sweet little chemise for under the dress.

The ribbon around the neckline makes it adjustable.

The dress is topped with a half apron.

The bonnet with this outfit has an adjustable ribbon at the back. To make this I had to make 2 buttonholes that the drawstring ribbon will be fed through.

Then I insert a casing using bias tape and feed the ribbon through the buttonholes.

These bows will be tied in a bow at the back of the bonnet.

The bonnet has a large brim, a modesty flap at the neck, and ties under the chin.

The dress and bonnet make a sweet outfit.

But when you put all 5 pieces together you get an absolutely adorable pioneer outfit.

Well, Michelle, it took a long time to get this birthday present ordered and created but I think she will be very happy with her gift.


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