The first time we went through our home to eliminate the unncessary things that accumulate over the years, it was fairly easy.  We had been in our home almost 10 years and had gathered lots of STUFF in that time.  Getting around to doing this the second time has not been so easy. . .

We really did a pretty good job the first time and it is very difficult to look at what remains and decide we really don’t need that any longer.

A particularly difficult area for me is my studio. 

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Crafters have a way of trying new ideas, enjoying it, buying everything they need to do this craft and then moving on to another one.  The problem is they want to get rid of the previous craft-who knows one day they may decide to do it again.

I fall into this category.  I love crafting and I have dabbled in quite a few.  For instance, I decided to try my hand at making hairbows.  I loved it.  So I bought tons of ribbons, barrettes, headbands, tools of the trade, and 3 big plastic bins to hold it all.  Then I decided hairbows were not the thing I wanted to spend my time doing.
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Next I tried smocking.  I love smocking and I really love to see little girls in sweet smocked dresses.  I subscribed to a smocking magazine, I bought a smocking pleater, lots of threads, special needles, and smocking plates (another name for designs).  Then my granddaughters grew up.  It isn’t nearly as much fun smocking for other children.  So I lost interest.
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My next venture was crocheting and amigurumi.  I even wrote a blog about this.  I started making all these really cute little animals, accumulated about 6 bins full of yarn, bought some knitting books and needles, gathered all sorts of instructions and really enjoyed it.   My youngest granddaughter enjoyed the fruits of my labor and took them home.  Thus ended my venture into amigurumi. 

 As a result of these ventures, and this list is not all inclusive by any means, my studio has gotten rather crowded.  Once again I am spreading out into other areas of our home.  So I really need to start thinking about decluttering in here.  The problem is my granddaughters still need hairbows, occasionally I find a smocking design that looks really good on a 9 year old (my youngest granddaughter), and she really did like the amigurumi animals so I might make her some more.  Do you see the problem?  Oh, where to begin?

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