We went to see Fireproof, the movie, this weekend and it was such a blessing.

Fireproof is the story of a firefighter and his wife who are having marital problems and their journey to the true meaning of love and commitment.  It stars Kirk Cameron as Lt. Caleb Holt. . .

Caleb and his wife are not even civil to each other and begin discussing divorce when his father challenges him to take the ‘Love Dare’.  The love dare is a 40 day excursion down a self-sacrificing road that demonstrates true love.  Caleb agrees to take the dare.  The story is about his 40 day journey and the discoveries he makes about himself, God and his wife.

Fireproof is a true love story but it is not just a chick flick.  It is the story of a couple’s love, married love and God’s love for us.  This movie will make you cry and make you think about how precious your marriage is.

Fireproof is a production of Sherwood Movies a ministry of Sherwood Baptist Church of Albany, GA.  This church also produced Facing the Giants and Flywheel. 

I think this movie will be a blessing to every couple, those having troubles as well as those marriages that are strong and growing.  It is a reminder to all of us of the love that brought us together.


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