Halloween is over-well, in the online selling world, it is over.  This year I have tried to be more prepared for the rush that this season brings.  I have worked on pioneer outfits all year trying to build up an inventory to have available for this busy season.

This year’s sales have surpassed last year. . .for which I am very thankful, but this has made it difficult to keep the outfits in inventory.  I have sold my entire inventory, save three (34 of which sold in September and October).  As it turned out I was not prepared enough. 

Little House on the Prairie is very popular with girls of all ages but the Laura Ingalls’ style dress is most popular to those in the 6 to 10 years old range.  I could not keep enough of the sizes needed for these young ladies.  Everytime I finished a group in these sizes they would sell.

The selling year is not over because many moms and grandmothers purchase these outfits as Christmas gifts for their little ones.  Several customers have shared photos of the excitement these bring on Christmas morning, and the good thing is the girls can wear the dresses all year long for play, dress-up, church or school.  What a great gift idea!

Many churches have old-fashioned Sunday’s and these outfits are perfect for those occasions.  So I am hoping to sell a few more this year.

My second most popular item this year is the Pebbles Flintstone costume.  Each of these must be custom made according to the child’s measurements so I can’t build up an inventory.  These are made as I receive the orders.

I was so busy that I totally forgot to include the bone in the last 2 Pebbles’ outfits I sold and had to send them separately.  I am so thankful for customers who let me know about these oversights and give me a chance to correct their shopping experience with me.  I truly do stand behind my guarantee and want everyone of my customers to be satisfied with their purchase.

So I end the big rush with only 3 pioneer dresses left in inventory and these are for very young colonial girls (size 4-6) and only enough fabric for 1 more Pebbles’ outfit.  Thank you to each and everyone of my custormers for making this season so successful!

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