Instant Messaging

I signed up earlier this year and have been instant messaging a couple friends and my grandchildren.  I like this new (to me) communication tool but like anything else there are pros and cons. . .

One positive aspect of instant messaging is just that, it is instant.  I can chat with friends or my darlings grandkids in real time.  Another postive thing about IM is that you don’t have to spell everything out-almost any abbreviation is allowable as long as it gets your point across. 

One other thing I like about it is you can say the few things you need to say and leave.  If something comes up later you want to say; you can type the message and hit enter.  If the other person is not there at that moment the message will be waiting for them when they get back-pretty neat!

Instant messaging does have drawbacks.  I have been known to carry on multiple conversations at the same time-this is tough if you are not a teen.

Another drawback is that once you are on someone’s friend’s list, everytime you log on to the computer, they see a message letting them know you are available.  This is not good when you have 4 grandchildren and you are trying to get somthing done!  They love to chat and I love to chat with them but I AM running a business!

A solution to this drawback is to sign in as invisible, then no one knows you are online.  Doing this makes me feel sneaky but sometimes I have to do it in order to get some computer work done.

All-in-all I am very glad that I was introduced to instant messaging (I know the rest of the world has been doing this for a long time-guess I am just a VERY late bloomer).


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